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What Are The Characteristics of A Nudist Club?


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What Are The Characteristics of A Nudist Club?

It really does depend on where you go.... but the atmosphere of most nudists clubs and resorts is fun... wholesome... joyous... exciting and very friendly..! People enjoy everyday activities such as swimming... hot tubing... walking... hiking... cycling... tennis... pool... fishing... jogging... body building... volleyball... sun bathing... socializing and even dinning in a nice restaurant or having a cocktail and dancing with friends... all in the nude..! It is truly a wonderful experience for a woman to do any and all of these things without being encumbered by clothing... and it is my hope that you will all have the opportunity to try it one day soon and see just how much more womanly and alive you feel. Most clubs have people who arrange activities and events much like any nice resort... and anyone who seems to be there for the wrong reason will be told to leave in very short order. There are many great nudist clubs... go try one and see for yourself..!

How will I feel on the first visit to a nudist club?


You will probably feel like nearly all of us... a little apprehensive and nervous at first... and then after a few minutes you will feel wonderful..! Allot depends on the club and it's members I think... in our Sun Devil group and the places we visit you will always find very friendly people of all ages enjoying nude recreation in a fun and secure atmosphere. And of course... there is me... always your happy smiling Sun Devil to make you feel relaxed...comfortable... and very normal being nude. As a Sun Devil you are accepted for who you are inside... and you will soon learn that any woman who allows herself the personal freedom to enjoy social nudism quickly develops a healthy body image and has a great deal of self-esteem. Nearly all of the women... as well as many young ladies and even some gentleman who have ever joined us at one of our events has taken the time to tell me that they felt very comfortable after only a few minutes..!

Who is the naturist society?

The Naturist Society - (TNS) is a national organization with members having a common philosophy... the acceptance of the nude body as good and that we all have the right to express that belief in an appropriate... natural and non-sexual setting. A government mandate to is a mandate to wear a symbol of shame... especially for women..! Within this context... we view anti nudity laws as laws designed to perpetuate contempt for our bodies. They impose shame and disgrace and contribute to a feeling of poor body image and lack of self acceptance. We strongly encourage all Sun Devils... and all nudists or naturists to become members of The Naturist Society. Anything that we can all do to help promote the natural joys and health benefits of nudism helps us all..!

Are you a nudist or a naturist... and what is the difference?

I am a nudist... like everyone else who enjoys social nudism today. I enjoy being nude and natural... and I also enjoy my sexuality... which are beautiful and positive attributes in my opinion. If you asked my husband... he would tell you that I am just like other women... and I am confident enough to allow myself the freedom to enjoy my femininity and womanhood..!


Being nude is but a very small part of a naturists life... everything for them must be completely natural... from the air they breath to the water they drink. Most exist in the mountains far away from society and live in cabins they have built by hand using only natural materials from the surrounding area. They will only drink from a natural spring... eat only what they have grown or raised... and wouldn't dream of eating processed food of any kind from a grocery store..! A real naturist does not use electricity... telephone... or any other modern convenience for that matter. They are usually nude because it is natural. If they must wear clothing to be accepted somewhere... it would be handmade and only of natural fibers and never washed in anything other than spring water. You get the idea... and in our modern world you could probably count all of the true naturists on one hand..!

Unfortunately... many people today call themselves a "naturist" as it is a kinder and gentler way of saying "nudist"..! So what is the difference..? Today there really is no difference... however I will say this... we were all born nude and we are all nudists to one degree or another. I despise people calling nudism a lifestyle... it is simply a very important part of life itself..! So once again I will tell you... if you must give me a title other than a woman... I am a "nudist"... and I am certainly not ashamed to say it just that way..!