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The University of Pennsylvania Naturist Student Association


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The University of Pennsylvania Naturist Student Association


Certainly among the most publicized and reported student naturist groups is the Naturist Student Association at the University of Pennsylvania. Nude Student Association began in 1993 after Gons Nachman, then a first-year student at Penn Law School, staged a nude demonstration in defense and demonstration of freedom of expression for the school's First Amendment Day. Naturist philosophy and materials like TNS' World Guide to Nude Beaches were among the tools Nachman used in his presentation. He formed the naturist group the following semester as an expansion of the ideals espoused on the law school steps that day.

The group's first major campus event, a nude outdoor rally on Penn's College Green, occurred in May 1994 as a show of support for naturism and freedom of expression on campus. Ten participating club members handed out literature, showed naturist videos, demonstrated body painting and spoke. Hundreds of Penn students, faculty, administrators and local media folks witnessed the celebration, which was entirely peaceful and considered a great success.

Members of Nude Student Association then held an outdoor nude modeling session for Penn art students in September 1994--and a second "Spring Celebration" in May 1995 to promote the group, gaining further publicity on- and off-campus.


"The local media covered [the celebration] in a non-sensationalist and fair manner," Nachman reports. "By holding this spring outdoor event for the second year in a row in a non-disruptive fashion, we have also managed to create a solid precedent that would be difficult [for campus administration] to eliminate in the future. The university has basically accepted our existence and our activities without any kind of challenge or disruption," Nachman said.

In addition to the annual rallies Nude Student Association holds weekly clothing-optional study hours, conducts monthly meetings, and sponsors social events for its members. The group managed to secure a place on campus for clothing-optional sunbathing for the summer and continues to work towards getting hours set aside for clothing-optional open swims in one of Penn's pools--"Although the initial response from the director of recreation was a resounding 'no,' we will address his concerns and if necessary appeal to higher levels of authority," Nachman says. Group members have also contacted state legislators to express disagreement with proposed HB 940, a bill that seeks to outlaw public nudity in Pennsylvania.

After receiving honors as "most memorable student" of his graduating class for his naturist work, Nachman left Penn to join the real world after graduation Last may. Nude Student Association continues to operate under the leadership of Penn grad student Philip Tromovitch (though Nachman remains the primary contact).

As one of the more well-established student naturist clubs in the country, Nude Student Association can serve well as a model for similar groups. Their contact information may be found at the end of this article.