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PKBunny – Downsides of being a Lopunny (Pokemon)




The Raunchy Adventures of Incineroar and Lopunny: A PKBunny Parody

When it comes to adult-oriented comics, there’s no better artist than PKBunny. Her work on the Pokemon parody series has been a hit, especially her latest installment, “Downsides of Being a Lopunny“. This explicit comic follows the naughty adventures of Incineroar and Lopunny, two of the most beloved Pokemon characters, as they explore the world of adult entertainment.

Incineroar is an anthropomorphic fire-type Pokemon that was introduced in the sixth generation of the Pokemon series. He is a muscular, aggressive, and confident character who loves to show off his strength. He is often seen wearing a red and black wrestling outfit and has a fierce rivalry with the water-type Pokemon, Primarina.

Lopunny is a bunny-like creature that is an evolution of Buneary. She is a graceful and gentle Pokemon who loves to dance. She is often seen wearing a pink and white dress with a bow in her hair. She is especially popular among fans for her cute and bubbly personality.

The comic follows the misadventures of Incineroar and Lopunny as they explore the world of adult entertainment. The comic is filled with explicit scenes, including sexual activities, violence, and a few surprises. The comic begins with Incineroar and Lopunny being invited to an exclusive party, hosted by a mysterious figure. At the party, they are offered a chance to experience a world of pleasure, and they accept.

The pair then embarks on a wild journey, filled with unexpected encounters and situations. Along the way, they meet a variety of characters, such as a stripper, a mysterious scientist, and a mysterious figure in a mask. Throughout their adventures, Incineroar and Lopunny discover the dark side of the adult entertainment world and the dangers of indulging in it.

The comic culminates with a final showdown between Incineroar and Lopunny and the mysterious figure that invited them to the party. In the end, Incineroar and Lopunny triumph over their foe and return to their normal lives, wiser and more experienced.

PKBunny’s comic is a hilarious and thought-provoking look into the world of adult entertainment. Incineroar and Lopunny’s adventures offer a unique perspective on the subject and provide insight into the consequences of indulging in such activities. The comic is sure to entertain fans of both Pokemon and adult-oriented comics alike.

Overall, PKBunny’s “Downsides of Being a Lopunny” is an enjoyable and well-crafted comic that offers a unique look into the world of adult entertainment. The characters of Incineroar and Lopunny are both likable and relatable, and the story is both funny and thought-provoking. If you’re looking for an adult-oriented comic that is both funny and thought-provoking, then PKBunny’s “Downsides of Being a Lopunny” is definitely worth checking out.

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