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Niki's Nudist Experience :: Her Life's Naturist Story


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Niki's Nudist Experience :: Her Life's Naturist Story

Niki's Nudist Experience
I was not born into a nudist family and therefore I was taught that one should not go around without their clothes on. Being nude in front of others was acceptable only in certain situations and only for the short time it was required. One just did not walk around nude in mixed company.


The camp I went to as a youngster had "scrub" once a week. We went to the lake with soap rather than bathing suits.

When I got older I realized that swimming was much better without suits so I looked for a place where I could skinny-dip. I did not want to do it alone in a remote area as that was not safe.

One day I found out about a resort near me where one could swim suit free without hassle. While I had never been uncomfortable being undressed for short periods of time in places where it was expected, I had never gone around nude for an extended period of time and certainly not in mixed company. My first project, therefore, was to be comfortable with myself nude for no particular reason. I practiced doing that by going around my apartment nude.

I went to the resort and once again I could enjoy skinny-dipping.

Before going home I took a warm shower and went outside in the warm air and sunshine to dry off. That convinced me that this was how we were meant to be. That was my first real nudist experience. I have given up the textile life and now am clothed only when required.