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Gender Balance & Women's Issue FAQ


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Gender Balance & Women's Issue FAQ

Why do women choose nude recreation?

Because it is fun..? Seriously... I have found that most women love it and they find the real joy of actually being a woman once they allow themselves the freedom of experiencing social nudism... I know I sure did..! Not to mention the relaxation... stress relief... positive body image... body acceptance and self-esteem they quickly learn to feel from nude recreation. Most women today have fond memories of going skinny dipping or in a spa or hot tub when we where young and innocent... so it's really not all that new. Social nudism is becoming very popular and there are a great many wonderful reasons for women choosing nude recreation in today's world... including the many health benefits it offers. There are nudist facilities where you can recapture that innocence... landed clubs as well as travel clubs... beautiful resorts... spas... hot springs... beaches... retreats... bed and breakfast inns... campgrounds... luxury ocean cruises and even entire nude cities in the World today... where you will meet a wide variety of really wonderful and friendly people... diverse in age as well as profession.


Is nude recreation becoming more accepted by women?

Yes... it absolutely is... I think everyone is starting to understand that less is often more..! Social nudism of any sort is not only more accepted... but is now becoming very popular... especially with women in the United States. Let's face it... almost all of us today have skinny dipped or gone nude in a hot tub or spa in mixed company at one time or another and that is social nudism. I am also quite sure that most of us women felt the joy and beauty of our womanhood when we did... right..? Women who want to recapture the joy and excitement of being a woman again... as well as the freedom... innocence... and beauty of those wonderful experiences... will find many clubs all over the world that offer relaxing... down-to-earth... casual... safe and comfortable environments in which a lady can feel free to be nude and even a little devilish at times..!.

How are women nudists different?

Women nudists are not very different than other women ... other than feeling much more like women... having a great deal of self-esteem and confidence... and really enjoying the many joys and benefits of womanhood. Maybe we allow ourselves the freedom to relax... enjoy life... have fun and be a little devilish at times... and maybe we are happier than most other women... but other than that... we are the same..! In our day to day lives... we are really not different at all. We are representative of the general public and are from every profession and every age. Some of us are Republicans... some are Democrats... and some vote independent. Some of us are married... some are single... some have strong religious convictions and virtually every denomination is represented. All these diversities come together... sharing a common philosophy... to raise the level of understanding and perception of ourselves through clothing-optional living.

Gender Issues


Most people would feel ill at ease if we didn't maintain a reasonable and comfortable balance between the genders. attempts to achieve that balance by actively appealing to single women and couples in a very sensitive manner, but still, we sometimes (infrequently) find it necessary to place single men on a waiting list.

Our North American culture is the basis for this potential imbalance. Here, much more than in some other parts of the world, we rear our children to be self-conscious about their bodies. The unspoken message is that there is something "dirty" or unacceptable about our bodies, and an aura of mystique results. When unclothed bodies are only seen in "girlie" magazines and R-rated movies, boys become excessively curious and girls become defensive.

As a result of this upbringing, North American women often need much more courage to visit a nudist club for their first time than men do. (It's interesting to note, though, that women frequently find their first visit so comfortable and relaxing that they are more enthusiastic about returning than their male counterparts! We've seen this happen many times.) Women tell us that they find it liberating to learn that they can relax au natural in a safe environment where they aren't looked at or thought of in a sexual way.

When Americans learn to treat the body as natural and wholesome, many of our social problems which stem from body acceptance will decline.


Single men and women are always welcome at The ratio that we and many others try not to exceed is 60% of one sex or the other.

However, since has created an environment where so many couples, families and single women feel safe and comfortable, we often have openings for single men that go unclaimed. This is a nice problem to have, and it's one that few other nudist clubs ever have.

In fact, is the ONLY club we know of, that ever had to turn away a single woman because her presence would have caused over 60% of WOMEN, instead of having too many men. We didn't want to turn her away, but we felt that in the interest of justice, we must treat women the same way we do men. So we did the same thing we'd have done with a man, asking her to wait for our next event.

We also have a program of rewards for people who bring women and couples, whether experienced nudists or not, to one of our Sports Club parties for their first time. For every single woman we add, we can admit two more single men, and for every couple we add, we can admit one more man. Everybody wins!

This program was originally intended to encourage single men to bring their female friends, but in that regard it has met only limited success. So far, we've observed that it's the couples and single women, bringing more of their female friends, than the single guys.