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First Time Nude With Friends - Jamie


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First Time Nude With Friends - Jamie

Five Step Nudity
If you've just been waiting for encouragement to get naked from a mainstream source, especially if you are female, now you have it. Here are the 5 steps to a more naked you:

1. Expose yourself. Get comfortable being nude alone.

2. Get to know your body. Pay attention to your body's sensory signals, especially when unclothed.

3. Look at yourself. Become familiar with - and accepting of how you look without clothes.

4. Move on to semi public nudity. In commonly acceptable circumstances, such as a locker room.

5. Graduate to social nudity. The real thing.

The feature, of course, is about body acceptance. The message has been repeated often enough, that people (women especially) are needlessly unhappy due to fears their bodies are somehow not "right". But this time the way to overcome the problem is stated very clearly.

Our first 'planned' nude outing with friends happened this weekend.

Earlier in the week a cookout at our house had turned into an impromptu nude swim session in our pool. We discovered while not 'social nudists' per se that we all spent a lot of time that way around home.


To make a long story short we agreed to visit in their home with the idea we'd be nude from the start. I spent a lot of time thinking about this and Saturday morning called up Karen to make sure she and Mike were still 'OK' with the idea. She reassured me that she was and looking forward to it.

I was looking forward to it, also, but was still somewhat nervous. At our home it had evolved in a 'natural way'. Here we were planning on going to another couple's home - we've known them for sometime - and in essence ' strip on arrival'.

Not to belabor the story with details, but one of my biggest decisions was what to wear to some place where I was going to wear nothing. It must be a gal thing because Elliott just through on a pair of shorts and a polo shirt. Finally, I decided on a simple 'T-shirt' type dress (it's really a bathing suit cover-up). No bra/underwear, and slide sandals. This way I could get naked quick - but if they had changed their minds I would still be well covered.

They only live a few minutes away so the drive was a short one. Walking up to their front door, my heart was pounding. I was carrying a cake that I had baked for dessert. Elliott had a bottle of sparkling grape juice (neither family drinks).

Mike answered the door wearing only a towel. I was somewhat relieved when Karen came out of the kitchen to greet us. She was completely nude - I felt a lot more at ease because she was the one who had appeared to hesitate at the pool party. Then came my hard part - stripping in front of friends. Someone once suggested that one should get it over with quickly so the awkwardness would pass quickly. So I took a deep breath and said, “Since we won't be needing them where can we put our clothes ?”

They showed us to a guest bedroom off the main entrance I quickly kicked off my sandals and pulled the dress over my head. Elliott took off his shirt and shorts and laid them with my stuff on a chair. I'm glad they offered the room - it was easier to walk out already naked than it would have been to get that way in front of them. By this time Mike had tossed his towel and so we were ready for our nude evening.

There were a few nervous laughs but after about five minutes we went about making sandwiches and settling down for an evening of old movies from Mike's collection. In reading about "nude etiquette" Karen had put out big oversized towels on the couch and chairs.


To tell you how much fun we had I think I honestly forgot I was nude. When it was time to leave, I kissed Mike and Karen on the cheek and thanked them for a wonderful evening. As I was heading toward the door Elliott asked, “Forgetting something ? Or are you going home that way ?”

I had forgotten to dress. A streak of daring hit - and since it was after 1:00 a.m. I took him up on it. He put on his shorts but carried my clothes to the car. I rode home nude and stayed that way until sometime Sunday afternoon. (It really wasn't that daring. You can't see the street from their driveway or ours and the ride was all of five minutes.)

Now that we've had nude encounters in each other's homes I don't know if we'll have to plan them - I think we'll just take them for granted.

Starting Going Nude Around the house

Skinny-dip in your own pool or spa:

If you live with others, they may find it a little odd if you just go naked around the house. However, they may be very understanding if you go in the water without a bathing suit. There's a right time and place for most things, and water is one of the most appropriate for nudity. You'll love it that way, and others who may be around will have a chance to get used to a little innocent nudity.

Do housecleaning or other chores in the nude:

Are there some unwelcome chores you'd prefer to avoid but can't? Try doing them without any clothes on and see if it isn't a lot more pleasant that way. (Hopefully, if it's something that has to be done outside, you have some privacy where you live.)

Gradually become more comfortable with your clothes off:

If you live with others, be sure to respect their feelings. However, once they find out you like to be naked, they may not have any problem with it, even if they don't choose to go along. Soon "no clothes" will come to seem normal, just another way you may choose to be at times.

At some point you will almost certainly want to try nudity with others, however. The others might be family, close friends, people you live with, or perhaps, total strangers (which is often easier). Before you take that step, however, you will probably want more information and answers to concerns and questions you have. And when you are ready for something more than just being naked all by yourself in your room, you'll probably want some ideas for the best ways and places to start out.


Capturing the nude event on a nude beach for national television or personal collection takes a little forethought if you don't want to get hassled. Here are a few tips on how to go about taking photographs on a nude beach with minimal hassle.

In most cities one has to start with getting a permit to take pictures with appropriate overhead. If you are going to shoot on the beach you need some king of a valid permit.

The best approach is don't tell and you won't be asked. It is sort of like the don't ask and I won't have to tell thing done by the U.S. Military, only backwards. Does anyone see the paradox? If you are backwards upfront you will not have any problems.

Tip 1: Have a permit to photograph beach activities on Nude beaches from the board.

Tip 2: It is extremely helpful if the camera crew and the rest of the production crew is nude while on the beach whether they are shooting or not.


Tip 3: Place the equipment at the more remote location on the beach out of the traffic pattern.

Tip 4: When shooting be sure and point the camera and direct all attention to the "model or models" being photographed and not suggest that you are filming the entire beach.

Tip 5: Consult with those that might possibly be in the perimeter of the shoot. Seek their permission and have them sign a model release. If they do not wish to be involved assure them that they will not be so involved.

Tip 6: Be polite and open with people that come up and are curious about what you are doing. Most are just curious and not really concerned about the legality or technicalities of the filming.

I usually like to make suggestions from a positive perspective. Nevertheless there are a few things more easily expressed as don'ts. For example:

Tip 7: Don't shoot from the tree line down onto the beach, especially near the entrance. This is were all the gawkers work from and the tourist trying to get a bit of video for the folks back home. Seen in this context the film crew does not come over well at all.

Tip 8: Don't crowd the sunset. By this I mean get those sunset pictures and fold up the equipment and get off the beach. It can get dark in a hurry and walking out of Little Beach in the dark is not an easy feat.

Tip 9: Put suntan lotion on those white parts if it is the first time you tried to be a naked film crew member without some previous exposure. Otherwise sitting through the film showing may be uncomfortable!

Anyway..... the above constitutes some tips based on our experience with working with a production crew filming a nude wedding where he was officiating. The crew incorporated the suggestions made above and had a very pleasant experience. I don't know the particulars as to when the show will air. I doubt if you will miss it since I expect any show featuring nude beaches around the world will attract attention.
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