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Chain Reaction (Power Pack) Incognitymous Update!!

In my experience, Power Pack isn’t as well known as a show like Ben 10, so I’m starting the comic with a bit of introduction into the characters as I handle the buildup. For example, even though many people like the character models, I often see people getting the names wrong, using terms like “the redhead”, or have seen people request their powers be used in incorrect ways based solely on misinterpretations in my drawings, such as thinking Jack has cloud/weather powers, when in fact he controls his density.​

Due to these things I’ll speed up the buildup a bit with narration from Julie that covers both some parts of the buildup, and some explanation of the characters. I’ve never actually opened a comic with narration like this, so it’s a new thing for me, but I’m curious about trying it out. The buildup will be taking at least a handful of pages, and I’d like to sketch through them for a bit. As such I will be taking a break from lining and coloring any pages this week, and instead use the time to lay out and sketch another page or two. This will help make the direction of the comic more clear in a more timely manner, allow me a little more practice with the style before I get to finalizing pages, and also buy me the time to have some things sketched ahead of schedule so I can more easily maintain a line and color schedule in the future.​

Lastly, I’ll be doing this comic in a lower resolution than Sultry Summer. I won’t be making the pages tiny, as I will be making the pages 1400×2160. It makes pages take quite a bit longer to line the higher the export resolution will be, so this should help me a bit. I feel that exceeding a 2160 height is pointless, as it’s the full height of a 4K display, so this seems far more than reasonable.​

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